To schedule bulk maintenance using a text file:

  1. Open a text editor.

  2. Create a file with the format:

    ClassName InstanceName startDate startTime endDate endTime
    # This is the input file for bulk maintenance
    # Hosts to be scheduled for maintence are
    Host    MAJOR-WIN2K-VM  06-23-2009  16:00   06-23-2009  18:59 
    Host    USENSMAJORL2E   06-23-2009  16:00   06-23-2009  18:59
    # The following group is scheduled for maintence
    SelectiveGroup HGRP-TL/G1 07-09-2009  11:58   07-15-2009  16:57
  3. Save and exit the file.

  4. Upload the file to the server.

    “Loading the bulk maintenance text tileâ€� on page 129 provides detailed information for uploading the text file to the server.