A tool is a program that you can invoke in response to a notification or for a topology element. Such an action might be to ping or to Telnet to the affected system, or to open a trouble ticket for a specific notification.

The Global Console supports these types of tools:

  • Server tools are executed by the Global Manager and are available to any console that attaches to the Global Manager.

    In console shortcut menus, the server tools are listed in the Server Tools submenu.

    Server actions are also recorded as entries in the server’s audit log.

  • Client tools are executed by the Global Console and are available to locally installed consoles.

    In console shortcut menus, the client tools are listed in the Client Tools submenu.


    Some tools prompt for runtime user-specified parameter values. If multiple instances are selected when you launch these tools, the Specify Options for get properties tool dialog box includes an option allowing you to specify values once and apply the specified values to all selected objects. With this option selected, you only need to type the runtime parameters once for all selected objects.

    Your administrator can configure tools for server or client execution. For example, some available tools include:

  • Ping

  • Telnet

  • Trouble tickets, opening and closing (server only)

  • Email

  • Pager message

  • LSP Ping

  • Launch ADM Web Console

  • Get SCM Alert Details

  • Get SCM Server Details


    The Get SCM Alert Details and the Get SCM Server Details tools are only available from Global Consoles accessed through Internet Explorer.

    In addition, your administrator can modify these sample tool programs, provided by VMware, Inc., and rename the menu options that appear in your consoles:

  • Sample—Ping, Ping Interface, Ping Device, Ping All

  • Sample—Telnet

  • Sample—Open Trouble Ticket

  • Sample—Close Trouble Ticket

    The following sections describe how to use Ping and Telnet, open and close trouble tickets, display the Tool Output window, and use Email, pager message, and their recipients dialog box.