To add a custom view containing a Java component in the console or in the Web console or dashboard:

  1. Create a class derived from the component.

    The component must be in a Java package that does not match any of the existing Java packages, for example, com.<customercompanyname>.

  2. Create a jar file containing compiled class file(s).

    The jar file is specified in the SM_CLASSPATH variable of the This variable can also be set in the individual command window. The fully qualified path of the jar file must be specified.


  3. From the console, select View > Add View > Custom View.

  4. Type the full class path of the component in the Custom View field.

    For example, if the component is compiled into the jar file as com.<customercompanyname>.Ourview.class, type com.<customercompanyname>.Ourview.

    The component appears in a new view in the console.


    To add a view containing a Java component for Java Web Start, you must have your private jar file signed with the VMware certificate. Java Web Start requires all jar files to be signed with the same certificate.