This section describes alternative methods for accessing topological information.

Once any console is opened, there are alternative methods for accessing topological information:

  • Add a Topology Browser view to any existing console. Chapter 9, “Customizing Your Console,” includes information about views and adding views.


    The Topology Browser is not available as a dashboard viewlet. However, topology can be examined in the Business Dashboard, for example, by right-clicking a notification or map node, and selecting Browse or Browse Detail, or by clicking the Browse button in a Notification Properties or Containment view. These actions open an additional topology browsing window.

  • Browse opens the Topology Browser view in a secondary window to access topological information. Browse is available as a button in most secondary window and dialog boxes or as an Event option in the menu for selected notifications. For example, the Browse button appears in the Notification Properties dialog box and the Find Instance dialog box. (The button is activated when you select a row in the table.)

  • The Browse Detail option under Event menu opens the Topology Browser view with topology from an underlying Manager in a secondary window.

  • The Containment dialog box displays information and components for a selected element. “Using the Containment dialog box” on page 81 includes additional information.