When the Service Assurance Manager is integrated with the Server Configuration Manager (SCM), the Global Manager can receive alerts from SCM, allowing you access to SCM reports listing the Change and Compliance alerts collected by the SCM for machines monitored by the Service Assurance Manager.


The VMware SCM Integration with VMware Smart Assurance Configuration and User Guide provides detailed information on configuring the integration between the Service Assurance Manager and SCM and viewing detail reports.

To view SCM alert and server details:

  1. Right-click a Change or Compliance alert in the Notification Log Console.

  2. In the shortcut menu, select Client Tools.

  3. Select one of the following:

    • Display SCM Alert Details — To display Alert Details Reports.

      • Display SCM Server Details — To display the Server Details Reports.

        The report displays in a Report Viewer.


        The Display SCM Alert Details and the Display SCM Server Details tools are only available from Global Consoles accessed through Internet Explorer.