VMware Smart Assurance information is displayed in the following views:

  • Notification Log

  • Map

  • Topology Browser

  • Summary View

  • Status Table

  • Notification Properties

  • Containment

    Depending on your VMware Smart Assurance deployment, you will see these views in a Global Console window, Web Console window (available through a Web Browser), in a Business Dashboard configured by your administrator, or in a third-party Web Portal product.

    You or your administrator can configure views to display certain information, for example, by applying filters. These views can be saved and associated with user accounts and user profiles. Views that are saved in HTML (as Java applets) for display in web browsers are called dashboard viewlets. Dashboard viewlets are available when the VMware Smart Assurance Business Dashboard is installed.

    You can display more than one view in a Global Console window. For example, if you wish, you can include a Notification Log view along with a Map and a Status Table in a console. “Tailoring your console with views” on page 158 includes additional information about managing view display.

    In a view, to perform actions such as saving or deleting, or to access menu options, you need to activate the view. To do so, click anywhere in the view. The active view has a black border.