A summary view is a graphical display of information in either a horizontal bar chart or a pie chart. The chart represents the number (horizontal bar chart) or percentage (pie chart) of counted items (notifications, alarmed elements, or impacts). For example, a chart might show the number of Notifications categorized by severity level, or the number of Notifications that have been acknowledged. “Displaying all elements by severity” on page 106 includes additional information on displaying elements by severity levels.

A summary includes the summary title, which is the user-configurable display name of the summary. The default title of a summary is the name of the group, service offering, subscriber, or Notification Log. In addition, the summary identifies the Global Manager that is the source of the summary information.

The summary represents the counts by numeric values (labels) and visually by horizontal bars or sections of a pie.


If the criterion is Severity, the colors of the horizontal bars correspond to those in the Notification Log legend; otherwise, the colors are not significant.

In a horizontal-bar chart, the labels are displayed as a vertical list along the left side of the bars, while the counts for each category are displayed horizontally across the bottom. In a pie chart, the sections represent the percentage of each category, with a legend indicating the category criteria.

To display the count or the percentage information in a tool tip, hold your cursor over a horizontal bar or pie section.

“Modifying a new summary or an existing oneâ€� on page 105 includes instructions about changing the contents of a summary (for example, its title, counted elements, or criterion).