In a typical Operations center, there are several operators who may perform monitoring duties and assist with or perform problem resolution. In order to perform their duties, operators need information about their managed domains and the events that occur. For example, they may need information about topological relationships, sources of notifications, and how the events affect other infrastructure devices.


Console access is controlled by the user profile that is associated with a user account. Therefore, users might have access to different types of consoles and console operations. For example, a user might be able to browse for details but not be able to acknowledge a notification or add a view to a console. Also, certain features are controlled by your VMware Smart Assurance license. The VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide provides additional console operations information.

Using the Global Console, an operator with access to the appropriate console operations can:

  • Investigate topological information, including detailed information about an element’s internal components. Topological information is presented in a topological tree format and map representations.

  • Monitor notifications and identify the causes of each failure and systems that the failure affects.

  • Respond to notifications. For example, operators can take ownership of notifications, open trouble tickets, or ping a device.

  • Save information, print information, and record tracking comments in notification audit logs.

    In addition, users can perform administrative tasks such as configuring Global Managers and managing underlying Domain Managers if they have administrative privileges and access to those console operations.

    If you have installed Watch4net 6.2 along with Service Assurance Manager 9.2, you can access various console components from within Watch4net. For more information on installing and configuring Watch4net, refer to the VMware Smart Assurance SolutionPack Installation and Configuration Guide.

    Global Console overview on page 20 contains a discussion of the layout and features of the Global Console. Notification concepts on page 19 includes a general discussion of notifications.