If the console runs out of memory, the maximum amount of heap space available to the console must be adjusted by specifying the -H (or --heapsize=) parameter to the sm_gui command.

The default heap allocation is 350 megabytes, which may not be sufficient for large or complex deployments. (The previous default heap space size was 256 megabytes.) As heap space becomes close to being fully allocated, the console tries to enter warning messages in the console’s Java Message Log. But often, the memory is allocated in a single uninterrupted operation, resulting in no message being written to the console’s Java Message Log. For example, during the initial loading of notifications at startup time, if there are more than 60,000 notifications to be loaded and the available heap space is less than 270 megabytes, the console may close down without any warning message. However, in this example if just enough space is available, the console may become unresponsive due to Java’s attempts to find space in a garbage collection.

To increase the Java heap space size, allocate additional heap space. For example, to allocate 800 megabytes of heap space, type the following from the command line:

         sm_gui -H800M <
         other -D parameters ...