Check to ensure the filename is the one you expect. The Log File Notifier Adapter’s configuration file, file-notify.conf, contains the name of the notification file. The file-notify.conf file resides in the <BASEDIR>/smarts/conf/notifier directory. The parameter, fileName, defines the name of the notification file that the adapter creates for its output. The adapter always creates the notification file in the <BASEDIR>/smarts/local/logs directory. If you do not specify a value, the adapter creates a default file named <InCharge_Manager>-alarms.log.


Do not confuse this adapter’s output file with its log file. The log file also appears in the <BASEDIR>/smarts/local/logs directory. You determine the log file’s name when the adapter starts using the --output command option. The default name of the log file is sm_notify.log. Never use the same name for both the notification file and the Log File Notifier Adapter’s log file.