To resolve this issue:

  1. Run the following command to determine the state of the topology driver:

                   <BASEDIR>/smarts/bin/dmctl -s <Pres SAM> get GA_DaemonDriver::<AGG SAM>_Topo-Driver
  2. Compare the state of the topology driver with that of the SAM domain. If the topology driver state is GA_DRIVER_RUNNING, but the SAM domain topology does not indicate that topology sync is occurring, then the topology driver is hanging. The topology driver must only be running during a SAM domain topology sync. When no topology sync is occurring, the topology driver must display the status as GA_DRIVER_STOPPED.

  3. If the topology driver is hung, restart the Presentation SAM domain to resolve the issue.

    The ‘TimeOutTopo’ flag in the dxa-sam.conf file helps detect if a a driver hanging and will stop the driver so that the next topology sync will proceed normally. By default the TimeOutTopo flag is disabled. To enable the flag:

  4. Open the dxa-sam.conf configuration file for editing in sm_edit as follows:

                   <BASEDIR>/sm_edit conf/ics/dxa-sam.conf
  5. Find the ‘TimeOutTopo’ line. Remove the comment hash character (#) from the start of the line to enable the functionality, and increase the timeout value (in seconds). For instance change the line #TimeOutTopo 60 to TimeOutTopo 600.


    The increased value (600) specified in the example and can be configured to a different value. From SAM 8.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1) release, the TimeOutTopo value is set to 600 seconds by default and the dxa-sam.conf configuration file still contains the option of changing the time out value. For more information on the TimeOutTopo flag, see the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Configuration Guide. Earlier versions of SAM will not have a default value.

  6. Run a reconfigure operation in Presentation SAM or restart the Presentation SAM domain for the changes to take effect in the active environment.