During the patch installation process, at the end of each screen of text, you are prompted with a set of options. For example:

type 'back' - to go to the previous step 
type 'quit' - to cancel anytime
  • Select a choice by typing the text and pressing Enter.
  • Accept the default choice, by pressing Enter.

Other screens have different choices. For example when the license agreement is displayed, the following prompt appears:

Press any key to continue to read license agreement or press '0' to advance to end.

At the end of the license agreement, the installation process displays the first of several menus.

Choose from the following (Y/N) options:
Y - to accept the terms of the license agreement.
N - not to accept the terms of the license agreement.

Type the desired selection and press Enter. In the case of the license agreement, you must accept the agreement by typing Y and pressing Enter.

The screen is displayed with an Get User Input. Choose the base location by entering the correct number.

For example, type 1 to choose the default location for installation and press Enter.
Get User Input

1) /opt/InCharge  10.0.0.*
For example, if the product name is ESM and default install folder is /opt/InCharge, the installer displays :
VMware Smart Assurance Server Manager Suite will be installed in the following

Product Name:

Install Folder:

Press Enter to continue the installation.

Press Enter to exit the installer

When the patch installation is complete, reconcile the configuration files as described in Reconcile user-modifiable files.