This chapters helps you to configure new flags.

Configuration Flags in IP Certification

  • EnableMXVirtualRouterDiscovery: This flag must be enabled for Juniper MX480 virtual router discovery.
    # EnableMXVirtualRouterDiscovery (Enables or disables the discovery of Juniper MX Series Virtual Router based on SystemName):
    # Default = This virtual router discovery is disabled.
    EnableMXVirtualRouterDiscovery SystemName1|SystemName2
  • MXLogicalCommunityOnly: This flag must be enabled for virtual router community string based on SystemName.
    # MXLogicalCommunityOnly - Add SystemName to allow selective logical router default community string format without main router community string..
    # Example: if logical/default@XXXXX ( Here XXXXX is main router community string ) is actual string for logical router, then we need to configure only logical string format like logical/default
    MXLogicalCommunityOnly-SystemName1 logical/default