Unattended mode installs the patch without user input or a response file. When invoking the install program, specify the location of the product suite to be patched.

In order to invoke an unattended installation of the patch, type the appropriate setup command from below table and then press Enter. Replace “xx” with the relevant product name, for example, ESM. For exact name, check the Patch Installation Files section.

Setup command syntax for unattended mode

Operating system

Unattended setup command syntax


setup-XX-linux-10_1_0_9-20200409-64BIT.bin -i silent -DrpProduct.installLocation=/opt/InCharge

Where XX represents the product name.

Note: you must provide the correct base installation location. Here in the example, base10.0 build is installed inside /opt/InCharge
once the installation is completed inside /tmp ** log file will be created with the summary.

When the patch installation is complete, reconcile the configuration files as described in Reconcile user-modifiable files.