Ensure that the Topology Split Manager is configured as the IP Availability Managers are configured and that certain discovery configurations have been fine tuned to improve Topology Split Manager discovery.

The procedures for configuring discovery are given in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager User Guide and the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Reference Guide. The procedures for fine tuning discovery and for configuring topology split are given in Chapter 2, “Configuring the Topology Split Manager.”

You, as an administrator, might want to enable autodiscovery in the Topology Split Manager for full discovery, but not for incremental discovery. For incremental discovery, the Topology Split Manager should discover and process just the topology updates that you present to the Topology Split Manager.

If you have access to a topology source, such as a hardware-inventory database, from which you a can easily create a seed file that contains a complete list of the network topology that is to be discovered, you should consider manual discovery without autodiscovery. When using manual discovery without autodiscovery, the Topology Split Manager discovers just the seed systems (seed devices) that are specified in the seed file.

If the network topology information is incomplete, unavailable, or constantly changing, you should consider manual discovery with autodiscovery. The seed file can be much smaller because the seed systems that are specified for manual discovery also serve as a starting point for autodiscovery. Autodiscovery automatically discovers the managed network from the seed systems.


You create discovery filters and (optional) specify autodiscovery safeguards to ensure that autodiscovery does not automatically add to the modeled topology those devices that you do not intend to manage.

For manual discovery without autodiscovery or manual discovery with autodiscovery, you can use the template seed file named seedfile, in the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/conf directory, as the basis for creating a seed file. By default, the Topology Split Manager expects to find the seed file in the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf directory.

The VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager User Guide contains the procedures for creating seed files and for configuring and enabling autodiscovery.