You use the override-polling-system.txt partition.conf file to specify devices that the IP Availability Managers should poll at a one-minute interval. Each entry that is created includes the hostname and IP address of the device that is to be polled at a one-minute interval.

When topology split is invoked and the NumberOfDomains and IsTSMHookEnabled configuration parameters are set, the Topology Split Manager loads the override-polling-system.txt file.

The override-polling-system.txt file contains the following commented-out entry line:

# <HOST> <IP>

You create an entry, <HOST> <IP>, for each device that is eligible for monitoring at a one-minute interval, where <HOST> is hostname of the device, and <IP> is the IP address of the device. “Specifying a list of devices for one-minute polling” on page 64 clarifies the use of the <HOST> <IP> entry line.