Because the Topology Split Manager and the IP Availability Managers in a Topology Split Manager deployment may be started from different installations and run on different host machines, you will need to synchronize the discovery configuration parameters across the installations that are involved in the deployment. The synchronization involves the parameters in the following files in the TSM_BASEDIR or BASEDIR/smarts/conf/discovery directory:

  • discovery.conf

  • tpmgr-param.conf

  • name-resolver.conf

  • partition.conf

  • user-defined-connections.conf

    As an example, the parameters in the name-resolver.conf file should be configured the same (NameFormat = “TM_USEAUTONAME” or NameFormat = “TM_USESEEDNAME”) across all installations. If local exceptions are defined, the same local exceptions should be defined for all installations.


    Due to differences in networking configuration on different host machines, VMware recommends that you set NameFormat to TM_USESEEDNAME on all installations. Doing so will ensure that the IP Availability Managers use the device names that are provided by the Topology Split Manager.

    In the Topology Split Manager installation, some of the discovery configurations in discovery.conf and tpmgr-param.conf should be modified in order to improve and streamline Topology Split Manager discovery, as described in “Tuning Topology Split Manager discovery” on page 60.