To improve the performance of the Topology Split Manager, ensure that the following parameters in the tpmgr-param.conf file are set to TRUE to disable their associated discovery probes:

  • DisableVirtualTCPDiscovery (Default: TRUE)

  • DisableMPLSDiscovery (Default: TRUE)

  • DisableMulticastDiscovery (Default: TRUE)

  • DisableProtocolDiscovery (Default: TRUE)

  • DisableVOIPDiscovery (Default: TRUE)

    The VirtualTCP probe is only necessary for deployments that include the VMware Smart Assurance Application Connectivity Monitor. Objects that are discovered by the MPLS, Multicast, Network Protocol, and VoIP probes are not necessary for the topology split.

    To edit the tpmgr-param.conf file:

    1. Go to the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and enter the following command:

                           sm_edit conf/discovery/tpmgr-param.conf
    2. Locate the parameters that you want to change and change their values.

      For example:

      DisableMPLSDiscovery TRUE
    3. Save and close the file.

      The modified version of the tpmgr-param.conf file is saved to the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/discovery directory.

    4. If the Topology Split Manager was running before you edited the tpmgr-param.conf file, either restart the Topology Split Manager or invoke the following dmctl command:

                           sm_tpmgr -s <TSM name> --load-conf=tpmgr-param.conf