Users will compare the resulting seed files, csv reports, and trial-hook-created reports (if any) to choose the initial topology split that they prefer. Here are some guidelines for evaluating and choosing the best topology split:

  • A split with a lower imbalance ratio is preferable to a split with a higher imbalance ratio.

  • A split with a lower total proxy percentage is preferable to one with a higher total proxy percentage.

    The true load that a topology puts on a domain depends on other statistics as well.

    A user might want to experiment with different values of the topology-split algorithm fine-tuning parameters that are described in “Description of tsm.conf” on page 52, but should consider doing so only after running the topology split with the default values.

    After choosing a trial initial topology split, a user should perform the procedure in “Using an initial topology split from trial learning mode” on page 86 to continue with the desired trial result as a starting point.