If you are experiencing slow response SNMP discovery polling and your current CPU usage is relatively low (5 to 10 percent), consider configuring the following parameter in the discovery.conf file to a larger number to improve your discovery performance:

numberProbeThreads (Default: 10)

Increasing the number of discovery threads to 20, 30, or even 50 is acceptable, but remember that more threads might require additional or more capable CPUs, and that the requirements during discovery will increase. Increase discovery threads conservatively while monitoring SNMP Processing Statistics changes, as described in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Manager Deployment Guide.

The assumption here is that network latency is high and CPU usage is low. if CPU usage is already high during discovery, increasing the number of discovery threads might not improve discovery performance, and might even decrease discovery performance because of thread contention.

To increase the number of discovery threads for the Topology Split Manager:

  1. Go to the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory and enter the following command:

                   sm_edit conf/discovery/discovery.conf
  2. Locate the numberProbeThreads parameter and change its value to a larger value.

    For example:

    numberProbeThreads = 20
  3. Save and close the file.

    The modified version of the discovery.conf file is saved to the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/discovery directory.

  4. If the Topology Split Manager was running before you edited the discovery.conf file, either restart the Topology Split Manager or invoke the following dmctl command:

                   sm_tpmgr -s <TSM name> --load-conf=discovery.conf