To handle cases where the user has additional criteria to report, a script named topo-split-trial-hook.asl is invoked after each topology split. A placeholder version of this script is shipped with IP Manager 9.1, and is located in the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/rules/discovery/topo-split directory.

The topo-split-trial-hook.asl has a TRIAL_HOOK section that can be filled in to perform additional logic after each topology split, between the generation of the standard reports and the time that the repository snapshot is taken. The script also has an END_HOOK section that is called once after all trials are run.

Particular techniques that might be useful include the use of ACT_Script or ACT_PerlScript or similar to run an external script, or ACT_File to generate data files directly from VMware’s Adapter Scripting Language (ASL). For the latter case, the subdir property of TopoSplit_Manager could be used to initialize the subdir property of an ACT_File instance, to place the file in the appropriate trial directory.