This code identifies which devices are eligible for monitoring at a one-minute interval by reading the list of user-specified devices in the TSM_BASEDIR/smarts/conf/discovery/ custom/override-polling-system.txt file. (“Description of override-polling-system.txt” on page 60 identifies the format of device entries in the override-polling-system.txt file.) The code then determines which devices in the list of devices belong to which domain, adds the devices to a table, and forwards the table to the IP Availability Managers.

Each IP Availability Manager reads the list of devices in the table.

For each device that is marked as belonging to a specific domain, the associated IP Availability Manager finds the component objects for the device and assigns a one-minute polling interval to the instrumented component objects of each device during the postprocessing phase of pending discovery. Exceptions are the following component object types:

  • Processor

  • Memory

  • PowerSupply

  • VoltageSensor

  • TemperatureSensor

  • Fan

  • Network Adapter that is less than 34 megabytes (MB)


    These objects are performance-type objects and are relevant to an IP Availability Manager and an IP Performance Manager running as a single process (AM-PM).