The topo-split.conf file contains configuration parameters that you edit to specify domain names for topology split. The parameters are a subset of table entries that are defined for the TopoSplit_Manager object.

When topology split is invoked, the Topology Split Manager loads the topo-split.conf file.

The topo-split.conf file contains the following active parameters:


It also contains the following commented-out parameters:

# SEED=<IPorName> DOMAIN=<DomainName>
# PATTERN=<Pattern> DOMAIN=<DomainName>
# DOMAINNAME=<DomainName>

The parameters and their values are case-sensitive.

In this release, only the DOMAINNAME parameter is supported. That is, you can no longer use the SEED or PATTERN parameters to assign devices to domains.

You create an entry, DOMAINNAME=<DomainName>, for each domain to which topology will be split. “Specifying domain names for topology split” on page 63 clarifies the use of the DOMAINNAME parameter.