This code identifies which devices are proxy devices, adds the devices to a table, and forwards the table to the IP Availability Managers.

Each IP Availability Manager searches its topology for devices that are listed in the table. If a device is identified as a proxy in the table, the IP Availability Manager sets the device’s Domain attribute to “Proxy” during the postprocessing phase of pending discovery.

Because the real device that is associated with a proxy device is already monitored for performance in another domain, the proxy device should not be monitored for performance in this domain. The proxy group is already created automatically in the Polling and Thresholds window of the IP domain manager. The identified proxy devices are now the member of the Proxy group under the Polling and Thresholds window.


This last statement is relevant to an IP Availability Manager and an IP Performance Manager running as a single process (AM-PM).

Regardless of whether a proxy device is monitored for performance, it is always monitored for availability. Specifically, the domain to which the proxy device has been assigned monitors each proxy device’s network adapter that is involved in a connection to a device that is owned by that domain.