The SNMP poller is a multi-threaded poller that currently uses 10 polling threads. It sends messages for use over IPv4 and IPv6.

The SNMP poller fully supports the SNMPv1 and v2c protocols, and supports authentication and data encryption for the SNMPv3 protocol. With SNMPv1, the correlation model uses 32-bit counters in its correlation analysis. With SNMPv2c or v3, the correlation model uses high-capacity 64-bit counters in its correlation analysis. Using 64-bit counters is critical for performance analysis of high-speed data links because using 32-bit counters might result in wrapping (overflow) of the counters between polls.

Polling for devices with multiple IP addresses is supported because the SNMP poller supports multiple IP addresses for each SNMP agent. The SNMP poller automatically switches to an alternate IP address during failures, thereby ensuring the integrity of the VoIP Availability Manager correlation analysis during an outage.