The domain.conf file contains:

  • An “InChargeDomain” object that you edit to specify an IP Availability Manager as a topology source for VoIP Availability Manager. The default is the InChargeDomain object named InChargeDomain_INCHARGE-AM.

    If your deployment contains more than one IP Availability Manager source, you make copies of the object and edit the copies to specify the additional sources.

    The Type and Name parameters for an IP Availability Manager InChargeDomain object in the domain.conf file are a subset of attributes defined for the object. The Type parameter is AM, where AM represents an IP Availability Manager instance consisting of an IP Availability Manager process, or represents an IP Availability Manager and an IP Performance Manager or IP Server Performance Manager running as a single process.

  • A “VOIP_PMDomain”object that you edit to specify the directory where the VoIP Performance Manager GUI resides and the IPv4 address of the VoIP Performance Manager. This information is used to automatically configure the VoIP Performance Manager. The VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Management Suite Overview and Integration Guide provides detailed integration instructions and information about the PMT-THRESHOLD process.

    Objects in the domain.conf file identifies the objects in the domain.conf file. The object, its parameters, and its parameter values are all case-sensitive.

Table 1. Object in the domain.conf file






Type = “AM”

DomainName = “INCHARGE-AM”


As shown

The default IP Availability Manager from which VoIP Availability Manager in this deployment is to import topology.

“Adding IP Availability Manager as a topology and status source” on page 34 clarifies the use of this option and its attributes.



= "/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/PROGNOSIS\ IP\ Telephony\ Manager"

As shown

The directory on the VoIP Performance Manager installation where the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Performance Manager GUI resides. The default is:

"/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/PROGNOSIS\ IP\ Telephony\ Manager"

The required notation for this parameter is the cygwin style.

One space is required between the backslash and the words Files, IP, Telephony, and Manager.

ManagingServerIPAddress = ""

null string (empty)

The IPv4 address of the VoIP Performance Manager. A value is required; there is no default. Only one IPv4 address for one VoIP Performance Manager should be specified.

This parameter enables the automatic configuration of VoIP Performance Manager.

Sources specified in the domain.conf file are preserved in the VoIP Availability Manager’s repository if the VoIP Availability Manager is restarted.