The VoIP Notification Trap Adapter, which is part of the VoIP Management Suite, can be configured to convert traps to VMware Smart Assurance notifications.

The operation of the VoIP Notification Trap Adapter is based on the parameter settings in the following files located in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/voip/icoi directory in the VoIP Management Suite installation area:

  • avaya_trap_mgr.conf

  • cisco_trap_mgr.conf

  • nortel_trap_mgr.conf

  • pm_trap_mgr.conf

  • default_trap_mgr.conf

    The VoIP Notification Trap Adapter collects and parses VoIP informational traps received from the trap exploder, and generates VMware Smart Assurance notifications, through the Adapter Platform, for input to the Global Manager. Through the Global Console, administrators and operators view and acknowledge the trap notifications.