The VMware Smart Assurance Broker facilitates Global Console connections to the component applications in an VMware Smart Assurance system deployment.

When a user starts a Global Console process, the process connects to the Broker, and the Global Console displays a window through which the user views and selects any component application registered with the Broker. After the user selects an application, the Global Console connects to the application and disconnects from the Broker.


The Broker supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The Broker host must have both an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address (a dual stack machine) if other Managers that need to connect to the Broker are identified by IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. If all Managers use the same protocol, then the Broker needs to reside on a host with an IP address that accepts the protocol. For example, if all Managers support the IPv6 protocol, then the Broker resides on a host with an IPv6 address (may be either dual stack or IPv6-only).