If the hosting system (or hosting card) is down, VoIP Availability Manager diagnoses the failed device as the root cause. It also diagnoses the unresponsive VoIP service and unresponsive processes of the VoIP service as impacts of the failed device. VoIP Availability Manager generates:

  • A system Down problem notification for the failed device.

  • A service Unresponsive notification for the VoIP service.

  • A process Unresponsive notification for each process of the VoIP service.

    If the hosting system is operational and an application’s key process or all of its critical processes are unresponsive,VoIP Availability Manager generates a Down problem notification for the application.

    If one or more application processes are unresponsive and a Down problem notification is not generated for the application, VoIP Availability Manager generates a ServiceException problem notification for it.

    The process is a key process when its attribute IsKeytoApplication is set to True.

    For example, the AvCaMgr process is considered “key” to the functioning of the Cisco Unity Voicemail application. If the AvCaMgr process is not running, VoIP Availability Manager diagnoses the Voicemail application as Down.