The status updates, acquired from monitoring and from IP Availability Manager and VoIP Performance Manager serve as input to the data model maintained by VoIP Availability Manager. The data model involves a codebook created by VMware engineering as a result of its knowledge of VoIP networks and VoIP applications. The codebook identifies VoIP application problems and their symptoms, and presents a causality mapping between each problem and its set of symptoms.

VoIP Availability Manager diagnoses root-cause availability problems by finding the problems in the codebook that can best explain the observed symptoms. It also uses the codebook to correlate the impact of a root-cause problem—either an application problem diagnosed by VoIP Availability Manager or a transport problem diagnosed by IP Availability Manager—on the applications that are either inaccessible or impaired as a result of the root-cause problem.

VoIP Availability Manager also retrieves performance information from VoIP Performance Manager to conduct performance analysis, by comparing certain performance metrics against user-configurable performance thresholds. The thresholds are accessible through a Polling and Thresholds Console attached to VoIP Availability Manager, as explained in the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide.