VoIP Availability Manager exports the results of its root-cause analysis, impact analysis, and performance analysis to the Global Manager, where the results are displayed in the form of VMware Smart Assurance notifications in the Notification Log Console view of the Global Console. The notifications identify VoIP Availability Manager by its domain name in the Source attribute. Users can double-click a notification to view detailed information about the notification.

VoIP Availability Manager creates three types of notifications: root-cause problems, events, and exceptions. Exceptions are also referred to as aggregate events.

  • Root-cause notifications indicate points of failure diagnosed by VoIP Availability Manager. Each root-cause notification indicates a separate failure.

  • Event notifications indicate an abnormal condition detected by VoIP Availability Manager. VoIP Availability Manager computes these events from status updates gathered from or issued by devices in the managed VoIP network and uses them to determine root-cause failures. An event notification can also indicate an impact event generated by VoIP Availability Manager.

  • Exception notifications indicate one or more related failures or potential resource/capacity faults associated with a particular type of discovered object. For example, an exception notification is generated for a VoIP cluster when all phones assigned to the cluster are down.

    Chapter 2, Viewing VoIP Analysis Results and Topology, provides information about viewing the notifications, and Chapter 3, Identifying VoIP Objects and Their Failures, provides descriptions and examples of the types of problems diagnosed by VoIP Availability Manager.