In the transport domain, IP Availability Manager discovers Layer 2 (data-link) and Layer 3 (network) connectivity in multi-vendor, switched, and routed networks. It discovers the network devices by sending them Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) and SNMP polls.

IP Availability Manager uses the discovered topology to model the network, and uses SNMP polling and traps to diagnose and pinpoint the root cause of network failures. It exports the analysis results along with topology information to the Global Manager, and exports device topology and device-relevant status updates to VoIP Availability Manager.

While performing its network discovery, IP Availability Manager may be customized to populate a VoIP topology collection set with instances of discovered VoIP-enabled devices. IP Availability Manager queries every discovered device in the managed environment for VoIP support.

When importing device topology from IP Availability Manager, VoIP Availability Manager can be configured to import the discovered devices or just the devices contained in the VoIP topology collection set.