Preparing IP Availability Manager for discovery starts with seed systems, which serve as a starting point for autodiscovery. Autodiscovery automatically discovers the managed network from the seed systems. Procedures for preparing and initiating autodiscovery are given in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Management Suite Discovery Guide.

In addition, to prepare IP Availability Manager for discovery in a VoIP Availability Manager deployment, an administrator creates an IP-matching filter to exclude service port address, Avaya virtual IP addresses, and Nortel node IP addresses from the discovered topology. This configuration task is described in the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide. This task is applicable if the Avaya Enablement Pack, the Nortel Enablement Pack, or both are installed.


If IP Availability Manager is running when Business Impact Manager Integration is enabled, invoke a full discovery for IP Availability Manager so that the BIM objects are discovered.