To prepare VoIP Availability Manager for its initial discovery, an administrator performs the following tasks:

  • Specifies one or more IP Availability Managers in the domain.conf file.

    When VoIP Availability Manager starts up, it adds as topology sources the IP Availability Managers specified in the domain.conf file and imports topology from the IP Availability Managers.

  • Enables trap reception

    Applicable if the Avaya Enablement Pack, the Cisco Enablement Pack, the Nortel Enablement Pack, or the VoIP Performance Manager Integration Pack is installed.

  • Enables the discovery of IP phones and voice mailboxes in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/voip/voip.conf file.

    By default, discovery for these devices and voice mailboxes are not enabled.

  • Specifies login credentials for CLI discovery

    Applicable if the Nortel Enablement Pack is installed. The login credentials are needed by the CLI discovery probe to access Nortel Signaling Servers and Nortel Call Server through the Telnet protocol and to execute CLI commands.

  • Specifies login credentials for SOAP discovery

    Applicable if the Cisco Enablement Pack is installed. The login credentials are needed by the SOAP discovery probe to access Cisco Call Managers through the SOAP protocol.

  • On the Nortel Call Server, the Nortel administrator needs to specify the following CLI commands so that card topology will be discovered:

                   LD 117 
                   inv generate Cards

    The VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide describes the domain.conf, voip.conf file, and other VoIP Availability Manager configuration files used to prepare VoIP Availability Manager for discovery.