When VoIP Availability Manager attempts to discover VoIP topology by probing a VoIP-enabled device, one of the following results occurs:

  • Discovery successfully completes, and the VoIP topology objects discovered by probing the device are added to the managed topology.

  • Discovery starts but communication is lost between VoIP Availability Manager and the device.

  • Discovery starts but the device does not respond to SNMP polls or CLI commands.

  • Discovery starts but one or more of VoIP Availability Manager probes encounters an error during the discovery process.

  • Discovery is unable to start or successfully complete.

  • Discovery starts but one of VoIP Availability Manager probes determines the existence of more than one SNMP agent. The topology object is not added to the managed topology and additional information about processing is written to an VMware Smart Assurance log file in the BASEDIR/smarts/local/logs directory in the VoIP Availability Manager installation area. “Informational results: Processing identical IP addresses” on page 47 describes how overlapping IP addresses are processed.