You may search across multiple PDF files using the Adobe Acrobat Reader software:

  1. If the documentation is not accessible to all users of the VMware Smart Assurance product suite, copy the contents of the BASEDIR/smarts/doc/pdf directory to a central location, such as a shared drive on your LAN, that operators and others may view.

  2. To search throughout the documentation library, open the Acrobat Reader software:

  3. Select Edit > Search , and type a word or phrase.

  4. Select All PDF Documents in, in the Where would you like to search option, and type the pathname of the location where the PDF documents reside.

    If you have more than one VMware Smart Assurance product suite installed, you can set up cross-product document searches by copying files from the BASEDIR/smarts/doc/pdf directory for each product suite into this common documentation directory path.