Client tools enable Global Console operators to invoke programs on a particular target object, such as a topology object, or a map object. Right-clicking a target object launches a pop-up menu that lists the available tools for the target object.

Client tools created to access VoIP Performance Manager data are available only for VoIP topology objects which are imported by the Global Manager from VoIP Availability Manager. They enable Global Console operators to use the Java-based GUI available from the VoIP Performance Manager to access drill-down displays.

The client tools that are available for use are dependent on the configuration of the VoIP Availability Manager and VoIP Performance Manager implementation, as well as the managed elements on the network. For example, these client tools may be available for the following VoIP Availability Manager topology objects:

  • VoIP Performance Manager—Launch VoIP PM View

  • MedPro—Launch MedPro View

  • CLAN—Launch CLAN View

  • DS1—Launch DS1 Service View

  • Media Gateway—Launch Media Gateway View

  • Port Network—Launch Port Network View

  • Network Region—Launch IP Network Region View

  • Trunk Group—Launch Trunk Group View

  • Route Pattern—Launch Route Pattern View

  • Processor—Launch Processor View

    To access the tools, open the Service Assurance Manager Topology Browser Console, select a VoIP Availability Manager object from the topology, and right click the object. Select Client Tools from the drop-down list. The list of client tools displayed are context based to the selected object. Click on one of the tools to launch it.

    The VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide provides configuration information for VoIP client tools. The VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Management Suite Overview and Integration Guide provides an overview about the use of client tools.