You need to perform the following procedure to exclude virtual IP addresses from the topology discovered by IP Availability Manager which is used by VoIP Availability Manager.

To exclude a virtual IP address, you create an ipExcludeList filter in the IP Availability Manager discovery.conf file.


In general, do not include any virtual IP addresses in a seed file and do not use the Add Agent command to enter virtual IP addresses. Seed files and the Add Agent command are described in the VMware Smart Assurance IP Management Suite Discovery Guide.

In addition, you might also want to create an ipExcludeList filter to exclude the service port on Avaya S8x00 Media Servers. The service port, preconfigured with IP address, provides a diagnostic and maintenance interface for Avaya engineers and technicians. Any attempt by IP Availability Manager to use the service port address to discover an S8x00 Media Server will fail.