If you have Cisco Call Manager Express (CCME) versions older than 3.4 which do not support the CCME MIB, you must edit the cisco.conf file to enable discovery.

This ensures that the older versions of Cisco Call Manager Express and Voice Gateway (Routers) are properly discovered.

To do so, perform these steps:

  1. Use sm_edit to open the conf/voip/cisco.conf file.


                   sm_edit conf/voip/cisco.conf
                   sm_edit conf\voip\cisco.conf
  2. Locate the DiscoverCCMEOnOldVersions parameter and change the FALSE value of to TRUE. Here is an example:

    #--------------------- Call Manager Express --------------------
    GA_Driver::Cisco-CCME-Probe-Driver {
        ReadsRulesFrom = GA_RuleSet::Cisco-CCME-Probe-Driver-RS
            { fileName = "voip/cisco/ic-cisco-ccme-probe.asl" }
        ReadsInputFrom = SNMP_WalkFE::Cisco-CCME-Probe-Driver-FE {
            retries = 5
            rootOIDs = {
                {10, "." }, #ccmeEnabled
                {30, "." } #cvVoIPPeerCfgTable
        }#   Set this value to TRUE, if you
    #   wish to discover CCME on routers pre-dating the CCME MIB. Careful,
    #   false discover of Voice Gateways may be a side effect
        variables = {
            { "DiscoverCCMEOnOldVersions", "TRUE" }
        } waitForCompletion = TRUE
  3. Save and close the file. The modified version of the cisco.conf file is saved to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/voip directory.