The flow of information among the components of a VoIP Availability Manager Enablement Pack deployment is as follows.

During discovery, information flows as follows:

  • The IP Availability Manager performs discovery of routers, switches, and hosts, as well as VoIP devices, along with their physical and logical connectivity.

  • The IP Availability Manager may group the VoIP devices into a Topology Collection using deployment customization. This optional Topology Collection may be leveraged to filter the devices monitored by VoIP Availability Manager based on customers’ organizational partitioning.

  • VoIP Availability Manager imports the VoIP device information from the IP Availability Manager, and uses that information as the foundation for its own discovery.

  • VoIP Availability Manager uses SNMP and SOAP discovery probes to discover the VoIP specific entities: physical elements as well as logical applications like Voicemail Service.

  • After a successful discovery, VoIP Availability Manager creates a VoIP topology with relationships between the associated elements.

    During event processing, information flows as follows:

  • The IP Availability Manager polls network elements and performs root-cause and impact analysis for the IP domain.

  • The IP Availability Manager sends notifications to the VoIP Availability Manager.

  • VoIP Availability Manager, in conjunction with the installed Enablement Pack(s), uses SNMP and SOAP to monitor the health of the VoIP topology and generate appropriate symptoms and events.

  • VoIP Availability Manager includes a built-in SNMP trap receiver which listens for VoIP related traps. Traps generated by the monitored devices and forwarded to the VoIP Availability Manager are processed to set the state of the referenced component. Note that the traps must be enabled and their destinations set.

  • At regular intervals,VoIP Availability Manager imports the performance-oriented data collected by VoIP Performance Manager to enrich the VoIP Availability Manager topology.

  • The Global Manager receives notifications from the IP Availability Manager and the VoIP Availability Manager for presentation to network operations personnel.

    The VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide provides detailed information about the architecture of VoIP Availability Manager and its Enablement Packs.