If VoIP Availability Manager does not discover VoIP Performance Manager:

  • Verify that VoIP Performance Manager is running.

  • Verify that the SNMP service is running on VoIP Performance Manager.

  • Verify that VoIP Performance Manager’s host is discovered by IP Availability Manager. If not, rediscover VoIP Performance Manager’s host in IP Availability Manager.

    If VoIP Availability Manager is not receiving any traps:

  • Verify that the PMT-THRESHOLD process is running on VoIP Performance Manager.

  • Verify that the following PMT-THRESHOLD trap destinations are set correctly:

    • SNMP Destination Host

    • SNMP Trap Port

  • Verify that the trap listening port for the VoIP Availability Manager built-in trap receiver is set to port 9001.

  • Verify that the SNMP Trap Port destination in VoIP Performance Manager and the built-in trap receiver in VoIP Availability Manager are set to the same port.

  • Verify that the built-in trap receiver is running.


    Although unlikely, the built-in trap receiver might not start due to a port conflict.

    To confirm that the built-in trap receiver is running, go to the BASEDIR/smarts/bin directory in the VoIP Availability Manager installation area and type the following command on one line:

                      dmctl -s <
                      VoIP AM instance name
                      > get