VoIP Performance Manager ensures that the entire Avaya, Cisco, or Nortel VoIP network is delivering an acceptable level of telephony services to the service subscribers. It verifies that all elements in the VoIP network are available and performing within acceptable limits.

VoIP Performance Manager accomplishes its mission by:

  • Monitoring the CPU load, packet delays, VoIP Call Manager (soft switch) activity, and associated telephony service-level indicators, such as call quality, activity, and duration across multiple servers and clusters.

  • Monitoring the servers and associated network, hardware, and software components, including:

    • Structured Query Language (SQL) servers

    • Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) servers

    • IP PBX

    • Gateways

    • Additional devices

    • Signaling Services

      VoIP Performance Manager captures and reports on call loads and utilization statistics for all devices in the VoIP environment. Administrators can use this data to identify trends in the usage of these devices, to identify over- and under-utilized devices, and to plan efficiently the increase of capacity.