Business Impact Manager is a Service Assurance Manager component which imports topological objects. It determines how VoIP root-cause events affect business services and their customers, and reports the results of its analysis in the form of impacted events and colored nodes in Business Service Maps. Operators can also view the topological objects in the Global Console. In addition, features like customizations with Topology Builder, impact calculation, and weight assignment are also available.

Depending upon your Service Assurance Manager version, Business Impact Manager exists as a separate underlying domain, INCHARGE-MBIM (for Service Assurance Manager version 8.0), or as part of the Global Manager.

In order for VoIP Availability Manager to associate discovered VoIP topology with BIM service offerings, you need to set the EnableBIMIntegration parameter to TRUE in the voip.conf file located in the BASEDIR/smarts/conf/voip directory. This parameter and other tasks for configuring Business Impact Manager are described in the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Availability Manager Configuration Guide.

The VMware Smart Assurance Business Impact Manager User Guide provides complete information about ServiceOffering and ServiceSubscriber classes, Business maps, customizations with Topology Builder, impact calculation, and weight assignment.