VoIP Performance Manager provides a comprehensive SNMP Traps Out functionality for sending traps to other management systems, such as VoIP Availability Manager. The traps are defined in the Integrated Research Enterprise OID . Using the SNMP Traps Out functionality, VMware has created documents that define the VoIP Performance Manager traps required by VoIP Availability Manager.

VMware provides an automated procedure to use the predefined trap definitions and to configure the PMT-THRESHOLD process.

For the automated procedure, you need to modify the domain.conf file as described in “Modify the VoIP Availability Manager domain.conf file” on page 39.

Also, you need to satisfy these prerequisites:

  • The VoIP Performance Manager must have the latest patch applied. For requirements regarding VoIP Performance Manager, consult the VMware Smart Assurance VoIP Management Suite Release Notes.

  • The SNMP Agent for the VoIP Performance Manager host must be configured to accept SNMP packets. The host on which VoIP Performance Manager is running must be discovered and managed by IP Availability Manager. The VMware Smart Assurance IP Management Suite Discovery Guide provides information about the SNMP Agent.

    After you modify the domain.conf file and restart VoIP Availability Manager, the following occurs:

  • The proper SNMP destination and port are configured for the PMT-THRESHOLD process on VoIP Performance Manager.

  • The PMT-THRESHOLD process receives new parameters and is then restarted on VoIP Performance Manager.