VoIP Availability Manager discovers and monitors VoIP-enabled devices and VoIP applications. The VoIP-enabled devices can be a mixture of devices—such as call servers, media gateways, IP PBXs, routers, and IP phones—in one or more of the following vendor-specific environments:

  • Avaya

  • Cisco

  • Nortel

    The VoIP applications include VoIP network and telephony applications, as well as software services—such as phone registration, voice mail, music on hold, and call waiting.

    Upon importing a list of VoIP-enabled devices from IP Availability Manager, VoIP Availability Manager performs its own SNMP, SOAP, and CLI discovery to query the managed devices for VoIP topology information. It monitors the VoIP topology, performs root-cause and impact analysis using vendor-specific hardware and software events, and exports the results of its analysis to the Global Manager.

    In addition, if Business Impact Manager Integration is enabled, VoIP Availability Manager associates VoIP objects with Business objects by using the BIM model. VoIP Availability Manager exports these objects to the Global Manager for subsequent impact analysis by Business Impact Manager.