The following details existing device issues that have been discovered with other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Alcatel OmniAccess

  • The configuration information obtained from a running config pull cannot be pushed back to the device. The running config push is done on a line by line basis through the command-line interface in config mode, due to there being no way to push an entire config file to running.

  • Some commands are not accepted and must be removed from the configuration before pushing a full configuration. A few examples of lines that must be removed are:

    • version 3.3

    • enable secret "******"

    • end

  • Some commands are not valid and should be removed or replaced with valid commands before pushing a full configuration. A few examples of lines that must be removed or replaced are:

    • mms config 0

    • controller config 0

    • ip access-list eth validuserethacl

      permit any

    • ip access-list session validuser

      any any any permit

    • vpn-dialer default-dialer

      ike authentication PRE-SHARE ******

    • user-role ap-role

    • user-role denyall

      session-acl denyall

    • user-role cpbase

      session-acl cpbase

    • user-role guest-logon

    • user-role guest

    • user-role stateful-dot1x

    • user-role logon

    • aaa pubcookie-authentication

    • no crypto isakmp psk-caching

    • no crypto-local isakmp permit-invalid-cert

    • crypto isakmp groupname changeme

    • crypto-local isakmp dpd idle-timeout 22 retry-timeout 2 retry-attempts 3

    • crypto-local isakmp xauth

    • vpdn group l2tp

      ppp authentication PAP

    • vpdn group pptp

      ppp authentication MSCHAPv2

    • mgmt-user admin root 9bf216ef01dc8a58fdecefdd48e9482a5ef57ed326a34ffd75

    • country US

  • Some commands can only be pushed to the primary switch and are not valid for a local switch. These commands are displayed in the configs pulled from the device, but must be removed from the configs before pushing. See the AOS-W User Guide for more information.