The following details existing device issues that have been discovered with other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Alcatel Service Router and Ethernet Service Switch

  • The serial number can not be obtained using SNMP. A serial number of Unknown will be displayed if the correct account credentials are not supplied.

  • A user cannot delete their own account due to device limititations.

  • Any attempt to roll credentials to a new user account will leave the existing account in place. The account must be deleted using a configlet or cut-through to the device. Attempts to roll user names may result in a warning with the message: CLI Users cannot delete themselves. Old user name must be removed manually.

  • OS upgrade:

    • Standard upgrade is supported

    • In-Service upgrade and AA Signature upgrades are not supported.

    • Service Router upgrade capability is unverified.

    • The operating system repository must use a path for the images, since the files themselves do not have versioning information in the names. The path must be only one level deep. Support for creating nested directories on the supported devices has not been implemented.

      • It is advisable that the operating system version be used for the directory in which the images reside, since this is used for the device image directory and the primary-image boot option setting.

      • If only one set of images is present in the repository, and no path is specified, the name SW_UPGRADE will be used.

    • The upgrade fails in the scheduler if the following conditions are not present:

      • The boot.ldr file must be part of the selected images.

      • For a one-slot chassis, the both.tim file must be included along with the boot loader.

      • For a redundant SFM/CPM device, both CPM and IOM image files must be included along with the boot loader.