1. From the main screen, select Configure next to IP availability line.

  2. The list of possible IP Availability Manager components must be obtained by selecting the Refresh from SAM button near the top of the page. As a reminder, a dummy IP Availability Manager configuration called REFRESH-ME is present by default.

  3. After you refresh from SAM, a list of possible Domain Managers are present. Not all of these are valid IP Availability Manager Domain Managers. This is because SAM cannot be queried strictly for IP Availability Managers, only the full list of Domain Managers. Delete any Domain Managers that are not IP Availability Managers that you want to configure. Typically, in addition to IP Availability Managers, you will see the SAM interface and the OI interface listed as Domain Managers. Delete these as well.


    Deleting all IP Availability Manager configurations could result in unexpected behavior from the adapter. If there are questions about the status of IP Availability Manager connections, refreshing from SAM is the correct method used to address the situation.

    The domain manager must comply with one of the following requirements:

    • The domain manager is a IP Availability Manager directly configured with SAM.

      • The domain manager is a TSM either directly configured with SAM, or is managing an IP Availability Manager that is configured with SAM.

    If the configured domain manager does not meet any of the above requirements, then it is removed from the list.

    The list of IP Availability Managers on this page must pass the configuration tests, or the adapter will not pass the self-tests. The adapter does not allow the synchronization operation to start until the configuration is valid.

    When configuring IP Availability Managers, the adapter reports one of the following states for each IP Availability Manager:

    • UNCONFIGURED – the Domain Manager was reported by SAM, but you have not configured it

      • NOT FOUND IN SAM –a previously existing Domain Manager was not in the list of Domain Managers reported by SAM, or a Domain Manager connected to the broker, but not reported by SAM, for example, TSM not connected to the SAM and managing an IP Availability Manager reported by SAM.

      • NOT IP Availability Manager DOMAIN – a Domain Manager that was configured properly is NOT an IP Availability Manager domain, and is invalid for this configuration

      • COULD NOT CONNECT – a Domain Manager that was configured could not make a connection

      • TESTS PASSED – the Domain Manager is configured, a connection was successfully made, and the Domain Manager was queried and determined to be an IP Availability Manager

  4. The following values can be configured for the IP Availability Manager connections:

    • AM Domain Name – it is not recommended that this value be changed. Rely on SAM to report the name of the Domain Managers for you, then proceed with the other configuration parameters

      • Broker IP Address –the IP address where the IP -M is installed (this may be the same box as SAM)

      • AM Username / Password – this needs to be set to an administrator user with full administrator rights.

  5. When you are satisfied with the values in the configuration, click Update located in the bottom left of the screen.

  6. Click Home (at any time) to return to the main screen.