There are many user-defined fields in the event notifications populated by the adapter. The adapter requires these fields to be populated for the contextual launch to function correctly. These settings are only needed if there is a possible conflict with user-defined fields in Event Notifications.

By default, the fields are mapped to the same values expected by the client tool launch scripts. These can be changed, however the scripts for contextual launch must also be modified to use the new user defined fields.


It is advisable that these user-defined fields remain unchanged. Only in the case of conflicts should the installer take on the additional burden of reconfiguring the contextual launch scripts and the user-defined fields. If you need to change these, use the following chart, which shows the default configuration out of the box.



User Defined 3

Network name (not needed by scripts; can be turned off)

User Defined 4

Network D (needed only for tools that launch reports)

User Defined 5

Device Name

User Defined 6

Device ID (needed only for tools that launch reports)

User Defined 7

Job Number

When changing the user-defined fields, follow these steps:.




Using the adapter configuration console, change assignments of the user-defined fields. Complete your own chart for the new values that you configure.


On the Smarts Manager client machine, find the directory for client tools. The default location is

For Linux: /opt/InCharge/CONSOLE/smarts/local/actions/client


For each script that begins with VC, edit the scripts, and reassign the user-defined values according to the chart you create.