1. From the main screen, select Configure next to SAM Connection line. The next screen displays the values for which the adapter is currently configured.

  2. The following values can be configured for the SAM connection:

    • Broker IP Address– the IP address where SAM is installed.

      • Broker port– The port where SAM is running.

      • User Name / Password– Account credentials for SAM.

      • SAM Domain Name– the name of Service Assurance Manager requested with the Broker, for example, INCHARGE SA.

        Click Get Available Domain Managersto receive the list of available domain managers that are registered on the broker that is populated in the SAM Domain Name field.

      • SAM Username / Password– this needs to be set to an administrator user with full administrator rights.

      • Network Configuration Manager System Name– Not required in version 9.6.1.


        The NCM System Name becomes blank after you click the Get Available Domain Managers button. The NCM System Nameis automatically obtained in the backend and you do need not to provide it manually.

  3. When you are satisfied with the values in the configuration, click Update located in the bottom left of the screen.

  4. Click Home (at any time) to return to the main screen.

    The configuration status is displayed as Tests Passedif the following criteria is met:

    • Successful connection with the selected domain manager using the provided credentials.

    • Selected domain manager is a valid entry, such as SAM

    • The NCM host is discovered in Smarts Manager, and the provided name matches with the Display Name on the host that is discovered in the Smarts Manager.